Jamie fraser

Jamie Fraser took singing lessons for two years consisting of 1 year operatic and 1 year pop.  Jamie’s hunger for music started at the early age of  8 years old.  He has an HNC (SQA Level) in Acting which he finished in 2004.  This has helped boost his self esteem and confidence on stage and has made Jamie a super performer as well as an outstanding singer.

In the summer of last year, (2005), Jamie was accepted to the Brighton Institute of Modern Music to do a BA in Vocals.  Several successful artists have attended this school including the drummer from Rooster.

Before Never Knowing Jamie sang Spotty Dogg, and a male vocal group called Northbound who gigged at Moray Firth Radio’s 21st  birthday,  alongside Lisa Scott Lee( ex steps-member), Sinead Quinn, Fast Food Rockers and the winner from stars in their eyes, the queen tribute.


Spotty Dogg Ironworks

Spotty Dogg Nairn Beach

Never Knowing

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