So I’m MoRk. I’ve been playing music now for pretty much all of my life. From starting out on the changes as a young boy, to picking up a guitar at around 12 years old, to then playing anything I could get my hands on. Recorded my first “album” at 13 years old with my first band Not Quite Acoustic, with whom we put on several gigs around the town, and a spark was ignited within myself that has never died down.

I then went on to join a band later to become known as High Profile Fish, with the logo now proudly tattooed full length down my side. With this band we recorded a punk/metal album, touching on subjects such as the Iraq war and corruption within the system, subjects which still shape the way that I write now. We played many gigs around the north of Scotland, including headlining the Ironworks within the first couple month of it being open, an experience that I will never, ever forget.

My next venture was a much heavier one, in the form of Absence of Presence. In this band I sang, well screamed and shouted, and played organ, synth and keyboard. We had the pleasure of recording with John Sinclair, formerly the pianist of the one and only Ozzy Osborne. This however would be one of my final ventures before an absence from music for a few years.

After a much needed break, I reappeared, still under the stage name MoRk, cementing myself very firmly into the pub scene playing acoustic, with my own little twist. This has lead me down many paths, playing at Belladrum, playing gigs in some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland, making many friends and acquaintances along the way. This also led to many collaborations, including playing rhythm guitar for Kims band, and duets that still run quite regular in the town.

Nowadays, with the arrival of my son, my activity died down for a year, but now I’m back to playing regular gigs myself, with Kate and with Daley OK, and now have my open mic/jam session back up and running, and louder than ever. I have had the absolute pleasure of being part of this project, and look forward to what the future holds. Peace and love xx


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