Dave Charles of HFM has been a great supporter over the years and we asked him if he would play the stardust track before it was released without hearing it he said yes. Dave played the track on 10th,17th of September and will continue to do so spreading to help create as much money as we can for the Stardust Project.

“Dave pointed out while he was on air and the stardust track was being played he received a message from a listener”

message on tonight’s thread….Mark Tew I’ve had some bad news this week regarding the big C. My sister has been in remission for 11 months found out this week it’s back. And this is the fourth member of my family to get this. Only two have survived to fight on. And my youngest niece was 39 and had two children. Life sucks at times so PLEASE PLEASE buy this single and help fight a great cause



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