Stardust – Sing Loud For Cancer was recorded by musicians in Nairn to raise money for those suffering from cancer and their families locally. The Stardust Project have worked so hard on the song and video and we really hope you enjoy it. Please don’t forget the main aim is to raise funds for cancer so please buy the track on CD or download it. Spread the word and help us raise as much funds as possible.

“The video was shot entirely with an iPhone 6s & a phantom 4 drone. Footage was shot in and around Nairn Scotland between April & August 2017”

The video was a challenge for us all as we had never shot any video footage previously, apart from the odd selfie or video clip we take on a day to day basis.

Rait Castle
Rait Castle – Angel Shoot With Jamie, Alan, Kim
Rait Castle – 2nd Chorus Shot Kenna, Carmen, Alan

Fortunately, Nairn boasts a beautiful beach with some of the finest countryside and landmarks in the North of Scotland .

Alan Greer & Jamie Fraser started shooting video footage in late April 2017 on Nairn beach with Kenna Ross & Carmen Beaton followed by shots of Jamie Fraser, MoRk, Alan Greer & Kim Brown in and around Nairn, using a Phantom 4 drone and an iPhone 6s.

We had a very basic script to how we were going to make the video, so it was more or less trial and error and we tried to capture as much footage as possible and then see what we could get out of it. As time went the story unfolded itself and the shots we had already taken fitted together perfectly, as though someone had guided the entire shoot.

“shooting the video in 4k”

We wanted to shoot the video in the highest quality as we possibly could and utilised the iPhone 6s & Phantom 4 drone to their maximum capabilities, with built in features such as 4k, but didn’t realise at the time there was soon to be a stumbling block ahead of us.

“video editing “

For us to edit the video in 4k, we were going to need to get hold of a high end spec computer system which none of us owned! So, Alan who runs his own electronic repair business, decided to build a high spec system from his own funds, which he would later use for himself after the video was done, at a cost of just under £2000.

“colour grading”

Alan spoke to video experts online, gaining tips on how to create certain shots, how to best edit the video in 4k and how get the best performance out of the gear he had. Colour grading was used to polish the final video after it had been edited and rendered and as you see from the pic above it brings vibrancy to the final video.



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