Fight Cancer By Alan Greer



Never before have I known or witnessed anyone with such an amazing strength to put up a fight for their life.  My sister Angela was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 35 and she fought with such courage and determination to sadly lose her fight on 7th May 2005. Angela was only 37 years old when she passed, leaving behind her husband Frank, daughters Cheryl and Shannon and her son Frank Jnr. Throughout her fight she never once grumbled. She was an inspiration to me and all those around her, an amazing sister, mother, wife and friend who always put others first. She will always have a special place in many hearts.

I lost my father, Andrew Greer, to lung cancer and a brain tumour 3 years ago. The cancer was very aggressive and was only given a few months to live after his diagnosis and he passed away at he age of 67.

Four years ago, I was reunited with a long lost relative, my aunt Joyce Reid, and we quickly made up for many lost years. I was introduced to family that I never knew existed. Sadly, Joyce was having her own health battles that she kept to herself and she suddenly lost her fight to cancer 2 months ago.

Devastated once again by that horrible evil monster, that silent killer, the family destroyer, the poison that takes so many loved ones from us. For me, watching my loved ones fight for their lives was like watching someone drown, there was nothing I could do to stop it! I simply watched them drown until they took their last breath.

Raise money & help find a cure

My dream would be for everyone to unite and raise money to help find a cure for this monster. There are, as I like to call them “SAYERS and DAYERS”, those who talk about it and those who do it! There are so many people rattling tins for so many charities and although good, we wanted to raise the game and give the public something in return for their money.  That’s why we wrote Stardust – Sing Loud for Cancer! Be a “DAYER” – please buy the CD or download the track.



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