A big thank you to all the following people who helped in many ways.

Ken Allardyce for mixing the Stardust track for free and spending endless hours making the track what it is now, We could never have made it this far without your generosity.

Douglas Hire for the use of the little theatre for filming and the screening of the Stardust video, also supplying lighting and smoke machine at Rait castle and helping us out with the technical side of things. Alsoa special thanks for doing the visuals at the Stardust concert.

Heather De Bruin & Helen MacGlashan from Nickel & Dime for selling the CD & Concert tickets and supplying the picture frame for the auction of the stardust artwork free of charge, and helping promote the song to the public you are both stars xx

Gordon Johnston for lending us the generator to power up our lights at the Rait castle video shoot, couldn’t have done it without your generosity.

Ben Thomson for supplying us the flood light that brought the fire brigade to Rait castle as somebody reported a fire due to the light and the smoke machine combined.

Hazel Sleigh for her generosity and lending us the hanger area for rehearsals.

Nev Barker of Confidential records for releasing and publishing the track through his label.

Emma Greer for helping with the accounts helping arrange bookings, and persevering with us through out the whole journey x

Allen Brown Jnr for lending us his ghetto blaster, helping with drone shots! thanks dude 🙂

Ainslie Greer, Ryan Hudson, Kimberley Brown, Dylan Greer, for helping us get the gear to Rait castle for the video shoot your help is much appreciated.

Mathew McVey & Saint Ninians Church for the use of Gods house 🙂

Our Sponsors without your funding none of this would have been possible.

Nairn Cruise for bringing up your prized possessions and bangers to shoot the angel shot at Balmakeith Industrial Estate and shots at the Links (Take a bow)

Nairnshire Telegraph & Ian Macrae for covering our stories and pics

Laura & Steven Young for being an absolute inspiration.

Nairn Laundry Kirsty & Ryan Shanks for lighting up there christmas window with their brilliant Stardust theme.

Asher Bakery for donating sausage rolls free for the Stardust concert.

Stardust Concert Performers Danny Mortimer, Megan Fraser, Alan Greer, Jamie Fraser, Kim Brown, Kimberly Brown, Maureen Gulland, Rikki Mclaren, Jack Ledsham, Craig Mcalister, MoRk, Kenna Ross, Carmen Beaton for coming along and performing at the Stardust concert for free, we are forever in your debt.

Nick & Dianne Scally for doing the catering at the Stardust concert.

KBE for lighting at the Stardust concert.

Paula Phillips and Diane Forsyth for videoing our concert completely free of charge, your a couple of gems xx .




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