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Stardust – Sing Loud For Cancer With Midge Ure

Midge Ure of Ultravox & Band Aid taking time out to wish the Stardust Project the best of luck with their single.

MSFC Stardust Q&A

Moray Speyside film club stardust screening Q&A Stardust questions and answers with Jamie Fraser & Alan Greer. Thanks to David Ness & Anna McPherson of Moray...

Stardust – Sing Loud For Cancer Demo

STARDUST Demo A snippet of Stardust demo Version 14. Song has changed a fair bit since then. Final mix was version 26 handed over to...

Stardust – Sing Loud For Cancer Cruise

We couldn't have pulled off this shot if it wasn't for the drivers that took time out and  turned up for this shot at...
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